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  • High-voltage Switchgear Equipment
    EETI has established domestic advanced high voltage and large capacity testing laboratory, and can provide clients with product certification testing, quality supervision and inspection, commissioned test and technical evaluation testing service for high-voltage switchgear and control gear.
  • Transformers&Instrument transformer&Reactor
    EETI owns a 17500MVA impulse power source test system and a 220kV network test system, which guarantee to perform all products test, including power transformer short circuit test, for transformer, mutual inductor and reactor, and provide products certification service, quality supervision and inspection, commissioned test and technical evaluation for power transformer, mutual inductor and reactor.
  • Capacitor&Arrester&Insulators
    EETI is the lead comprehensive detection insititution in mainland China, the test capability which covers capacitor, insulator and arrestor, which mainly includes power capacitor, HV shunt capacitor device, HV post insulator, insulating bush, metal oxide surge arrester without gaps for A.C syestem, and valve arrester, etc.
  • Low voltage electrical apparatus
    EETI can provide clients with China Compulsory Certification, voluntary certification, CB certification and commissioned test for low-voltage switchgear and control gear, low-voltage fuse, miniature circuit breaker, residual-current circuit breaker, surges protector and various electric apparatus accessories, reactive power compensation devices, compensation controller, cable bridge, cubical substation, DC power supply equipment and assembly accessories, and also undertake quality supervision and inspection, and technical evaluation test tasks authorized by quality supervision department, other administrative departments, and scientific research organization.
  • Machine Tool electric apparatus
    Machine tool electric apparatus test lab in EETI is the key laboratory and major test base of machinery industry machine tool electrical apparatus, and can provide technical support and testing services for the majority of machine tool electric apparatus research, manufacturing organizations.
  • Wind Power Generation Equipment
    The wind power generator station in EETI is the unique third-party testing organization which is approved by CNAS. The type test of single/double speed asynchronous wind power generator, as well as doubly-fed induction wind power converter, and full power wind power converter are performed in this station. Station is also competent in the detection and technical evaluation which contains the identification and authentication test of new product, the supervision and inspection of industry quality.
  • Electric Power Fitting
    Electric power fittings laboratory can provide the service of electric power fitting products quality judgement and related new products type test for electrical system design, construction, operation, and manufacturing companies.
  • EMC
    EETI EMC laboratory has completely introduced from Germany 10-meter standard anechoic chamber and electromagnetic shielding chamber, and other advanced EMC testing equipments from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, etc. With experienced test engineers, EETI EMC lab can provide EMC testing services for the clients of high and low voltage electrical equipments, household appliances, IT equipments, automotive electric and electronic, and industrial and medical equipments.
  • Seismic Test
    The seismic test laboratory is currently the biggest professional seismic laboratory for electrical apparatus in China. Test item mainly contains seismic test and electrical performance test. We mainly could evaluate seismic grade of high-voltage and nuclear power equipment, and also provide R&D test support to verify electrical appliances’ seismic performance. We offer the best professional seismic capability test service for electrical apparatus manufacturers, and fill the gaps in the field of high-voltage and nuclear power equipment seismic test in China.
  • Chemical Substances Test
    RoHS laboratory of EETI (China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Electrical Apparatus Products) has passed metrological certification organized by China National Administration of People’s Republic of China(CNCA) and laboratory recognition organized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS). It is jointly authorized by CNCA and MIIT(Minisitry of Industry and Information Technology of the people’s Republic of China).
  • Enviromental and material test
    EETI has constructed extreme environment & climate laboratory. Multiple environmental and material laboratories have also been built, which include high and low temperature, thermal aging, salt spray, mould growth, ultra-violet, gas burning, noise, dust-proof and water-proof, ignition, CTI and ball indentation testing chambers. Laboratories have ample capability to meet the requirements of environmental test for high and low voltage electrical equipment, switchgear and controlgear assemblies, transformers, wind power equipment and PV devices. Besides, the performance and short-cicuit test of various electrical appliances with simulated condition under altitude 8000 metres could also be performed in the laboratory.
  • Electrical Lighting Equipment and Electronic Information Products
    The LED laboratory could provide quality measurement and new product test service for related companies who produce general purpose luminaires and LED, etc.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Equipment
    EETI PV laboratory could provide quality decision service for PV inverter, PV combiner box,power converters for use in photovoltaic power system and PV power generation, and could also perform type test for new products.
  • Non-destructive Test
    EETI has built ultrasonic testing laboratory which meets testing requirement of metal materials and products such as pressure equipments, flat steel products, steel castings, clad steel plates, thicker steel plates and steel forgings. The professional technical support and detection service of metal work is provided to scientific research and manufacture companies.
  • Automotive Electric and Electronic Products
    Machinery Industry Centre for Quality Supervision and Testof Automotive Electric and Electronic Products, set in EETI, has advanced equipemtns and testing instruments and can provide technical support and test services for the research and manufacturing organizations in automotive electronic industry.
  • Accumulator and Charging Equipment
    EETI provides quality judgement service and new products type testing service for rechargeable battery and electric automobile manufacturing enterprises.
  • Electromotor
    EETI elctromotor laboratory provides quality detection and new products testing service of electromotors, such as rotation electromotor, three-phase induction motors,three-phase synchronous motor,DC generator and single-phase induction motor.
  • Explosion-proof Product
    EETI explosion-proof laboratory provides quality detection and new products testing service for various types of explosion-proof products, such as electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmosphere, mine-used electric appliance, plant-used electric appliance,explosion-proof generator.
  • Nuclear Power and Marine Electrical Products
    Nuclear power and marine electric apparatus laboratory, importing of foreigin advanced technology and equipment, is professionally engaged in nuclear power, marine electric apparatus testing and technical service.
  • Mines and Locomotive Electrical Apparatus
    EETI maintains superior cooperative relationship with multiple explosion-proof testing and certification organizations domestic and overseas. The safe and reliable testing service of mines and locomotive electrical appliance could be provided for customers.
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