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EETI EMC laboratory has completely introduced from Germany 10-meter standard anechoic chamber and electromagnetic shielding chamber, and other advanced EMC testing equipments from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, etc. With experienced test engineers, EETI EMC lab can provide EMC testing services for the clients of high and low voltage electrical equipments, household appliances, IT equipments, automotive electric and electronic, and industrial and medical equipments.

  • Detection capability
  • Goods and services in the field
  • Introduction of German 10-meter standard anechoic chamber, and the 6m turntable can bear 5 tons, 3m×4m pneumatic doors, automatic lift antenna tower, have the ability to test a variety of large equipments; radio-frequency radiation emission test frequency:20  MHz—26.5GHz; RFEMS frequency:80 MHz—6GHz, field strength: 30V/m

    Inroduction of the WIN 2145 three-phase harmonics and flicker test system

    The maximum harmonic current per phase is 62.5 A

    The new large anechoic chamber dimension;9m ×6m×6m and the 2m turntable diameter can bear 2 tons, mainly for automotive electronic components and IT products testing

    Nuclear electromagnetic pulse chamber dimension;20m × 10m ×11m, the voltage reaches 240 kV, can produce 50kV/m nuclear electromagnetic pulse electric field.

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