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Seismic Test

The seismic test laboratory is currently the biggest professional seismic laboratory for electrical apparatus in China. Test item mainly contains seismic test and electrical performance test. We mainly could evaluate seismic grade of high-voltage and nuclear power equipment, and also provide R&D test support to verify electrical appliances’ seismic performance. We offer the best professional seismic capability test service for electrical apparatus manufacturers, and fill the gaps in the field of high-voltage and nuclear power equipment seismic test in China.

  • Detection capability
  • Goods and services in the field
  • Table size: 10m×4m  2.5m ×2.5m

    Maximum load-bearing:  80t

    Maximum displacement: horizontal+/-300mm, vertical+/-150mm

    Maximum acceleration: with maximum load horizontal 7g, vertical 7g, bare table horizontal 10g, vertical 10g

    Frequency range:  0.1-100Hz

    Number of DOFs: 6(translation and rotation along 3 orthogonal axes)

    Excitation: sine wave, random wave, natural and artificial earthquake wave, half-sine pulse, saw wave, square wave

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