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Enviromental and material test

EETI has constructed extreme environment & climate laboratory. Multiple environmental and material laboratories have also been built, which include high and low temperature, thermal aging, salt spray, mould growth, ultra-violet, gas burning, noise, dust-proof and water-proof, ignition, CTI and ball indentation testing chambers. Laboratories have ample capability to meet the requirements of environmental test for high and low voltage electrical equipment, switchgear and controlgear assemblies, transformers, wind power equipment and PV devices. Besides, the performance and short-cicuit test of various electrical appliances with simulated condition under altitude 8000 metres could also be performed in the laboratory. 

  • Detection capability
  • Goods and services in the field
  • Environment Test —— High/low temperature test of electrical appliances, damp heat test, IP test. The volume of test chamber is 33㎡ and the IP test level covers IP00—IP68.

    Mechnical Test—impulse and vibration test, bump test, inclination and rolling-pitching test, tensile test,bending test and torsion test.

    Material test-- Ball pressure test, CTI test, needle-flame test, glow-wire test, mould growth test, salt mist test, Sulphur dioxide test, etc.

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