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Re-election Conference of the Third Technical Sub-Committee of Machine Tool Electric Appliances of National Technical Committee on Metal-Cutting Machine Tools of SAC was Held in Changzhou.
Release time:2019-10-27

         From October 23, 2019 to October 25, 2019, re-election conference of the third technical sub-committee of machine tool electric appliances of National Technical Committee on Metal-Cutting Machine Tools of SAC (SAC/TC22/SC12), as well as standard review conference, was held in Changzhou Fudu Changjiang Longcheng Hotel. 27 representatives from 24 organizations, such as member and representative of standard committee and standard preparation organizations, attended the conference.

        Standard sub-committee has 32 members in total. In this conference, there were 17 members and 9 entrusted representatives that attended the conference, and 6 members asked for leave. So, the attendance rate was 81.3% and resolution made in the conference was valid.

        In the conference, Mr. Hu Delin, chairman of standard sub-committee and president of Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co.,Ltd. presented certificates for new committee members and delivered a speech, to warmly welcome leaders, members and member representatives of standard sub-committee participating in the conference, and express heartfelt thanks to all previous members of standard sub-committee, and experts, entrepreneurs and friends that supported and actively participated in the work of standard sub-committee. Meanwhile, he required everyone to fully acknowledge that corporate capacity and competition should be promoted by product innovation, management innovation and service innovation in face of fierce competition in the market, so as to develop the enterprise. He also proposed eight key jobs and planning in the future five years for the standard sub-committee. The chairman of the committee also communicated with the participating members about solicitation of new standard preparation and revision program, and planned to use current product resources and human resources to promote the implementation of standardized project, so as to make certain achievements in the equipment control field.

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