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EETI carries out EMC testing training for technicians of the National Standard Bureau of Uzbekistan
Release time:2019-09-07

        The "EMC Testing Technology Training of the Exchange Project of the National Standard Bureau of Uzbekistan" was held in Nanjing, sponsored by the Nanjing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Nanjing Municipal People's Government On September 1, 2019, which was taught by EETI.The training is a concrete cooperation project that is to carry out the Framework agreement of promoting "the Belt and Road Initiative" vision and action and carrying out the strategic cooperationon standard metrology, inspection and testing and quality certification services, which was negotiated and concluded by the Nanjing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the National Standard Bureau of Uzbekistan. Four EETI EMC testing experts conducted a three-day technical training for Ukraine. Four experts of EMC testing from EETI had provided the technical training to the personnel from Uzbekistan for three days.

        Seven staffs from the National Standards Bureau of Uzbekistan came to EETI for EMC training on September 5, and the leaders of EETI, CMK International Certification Group (China and Russia) and Nanjing Boiler Inspection Institute issued training certificates for them. Subsequently, accompanied by the leadership of EETI, they looked around the high-pressure Laboratory of EETI.

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