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2018 Annual Work Meeting and Standard Project Launch Meeting of the Special Group for Test Methods of High-Tension Switch Products Held In EETI
Release time:2018-12-27

      2018 annual work meeting and standard project launch meeting of the special group for test methods of high-tension switch products was held in EETI on December 21, 2018 with the attendance of more than 30, including leaders of Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and EETI and members of the working group.

      Leaders of Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Wuzhong District affirmed the development of EETI and its contribution to Wuzhong District in recent years, especially the outstanding achievements in standardization. They also expected EETI to be a benchmarking enterprise of standardization and create benefits from standards. China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association conveyed the spirits in key documents of national standardization. Leaders of EETI delivered a speech about the development trend of standardization in recent years and how enterprises play the role of standardization in the tide of technological innovation to promote rapid and sound development.

      Participants exchanged and discussed the framework of GB/T XXXX-20XX (Test Methods for Electrical Endurance of Breakers of 52kV and above), a national standard project established by the working group recently.

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