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SAIA Meeting Held in the EETI
Release time:2017-03-14

        On the afternoon of Mar. 2, the second working meeting of the Suzhou Aerospace Industry Association (SAIA) was held in conference room 338, Building D of the EETI. This meeting focused on the consideration of the organizational structure, personnel composition and work plan for 2017 of the SAIA and was attended by a total of more than 20 representatives of 12 company members.

        Mr. Hu Delin, President and legal person of the SAIA, made an important speech and arranged for key points of the work of the SAIA in 2017. The EETI, as an enterprise affiliated to the secretariat of the SAIA, is willing to give advice to fraternal enterprises of the SAIA, and provide help by relying on its own technology and resource advantages. Meanwhile, the EETI hopes that all members of the SAIA will be able to take responsibilities and obligations, work for, and make contributions to, the SAIA, and pave the way for the deep development of the civil-military inosculation.

        At this meeting, members of the SAIA also introduced their own operation and proposed expectations from, and requirements on, the SAIA. President Hu listened carefully to the feedback from various members and answered questions concerned. He also shared the experience and gains of the EETI on the way of development in seeking its transformation and upgrading, bringing inspiration and thinking to the representatives present at the meeting.

         The meeting ended successfully after all of the scheduled agenda

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