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2015 Annual Awards Ceremony and EETI 50th Anniversary Celebration
Release time:2016-02-02

On 29th Jan. 2016, 2015 Annual Awards Ceremony and EETI 50th Anniversary Celebration was solemnly held in Employees Activity Center of EETI. The president of EETI Prof. Hu made a work summary of 2015 and the deployment of new year. From his report, the staff got to know the tough situation EETI confronted in 2015, and already we had got out of the mess and embarked on a healthier path of development under the support of authorities concerned and the efforts of all staff. In 2016 work deployment, Prof. Hu made emphasis on promoting service quality and strengthing internal management, and further improving on the quality of test report and original record, to ensure safe and accident-free completion of military and other inspection and testing tasks. Combined with One Belt and One Road Project, EETI would expand its testing business abroad so as to seek greater development in 2016.

During the ceremony, the self-made VCR EETI IN MY HEART was watched, and the video pictures vividly displayed the indomitable fighting spirit and tenacious style of self-improvement in EETI staff. It is because of those employees hard work supporting EETI to cover all the trials and ushered in today. It is such a team full of talent and vitality that we have seen hope in the confusion, and seen the light in the times of hardship. In order to commend the outstanding staff in various business departments and administrative offices, more than 100 annual excellent teams, employees and leaders were rewarded. President of EETI, Prof. Hu called on all the staff taking them as example and made new progress in the New Year.

     People always feel happy in the new spring, particularly, we start the new journey with the achievements of 50 years. In the end, all the staff appreciated the acrobatics shows performed by EETI staff themselves. In the end, the ceremony came to a successful conclusion in a cheerful atmosphere.


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